Chewy Chocolate Cookies

Chewy Chocolate Cookies

July 24, 2013. Read it. Memorize it. Engrave the date into your brain. This is a very momentous day for all of…me.

Okay, I guess I’m a little bit excited to share with yall that I’ve officially started my Fannie Farmer baking journey! My first creation is this decadent, deliciously divine Chewy Chocolate Cookie!

But, before I actually started baking, I decided to read the general information in the cookie chapter of the book. Apparently, there are FOUR different methods for mixing cookie dough. Who knew? But, to save some precious brain space, I decided to consolidate the four methods into just two options:

1) A big wooden spoon

2) Ain’t nobody got time for that big wooden spoon

In the past, I’d always opted for the second option (stand mixer, hand mixer, food processor). Honestly, I didn’t even know you could cream butter and sugar without a mixer (kind of dumb of me since people have been baking cookies long before the invention of electric mixers). But TODAY, the big wooden spoon was calling my name! Actually, it was a big metal spoon. So, with a firm grasp on the metal handle, I furiously beat the butter until it was a pale yellow with a consistency of commercial mayo. Then, I added the sugar and beat it again, even more violently than before, until the mixture was very fluffy and almost white. It was quite the workout – my forehead was literally lined with beads of sweat.

Chewy Chocolate Cookies

But boy was the result worth it. I’m sure the cookies would’ve turned out just as soft and chewy with an electric mixer, but creaming the butter and sugar with a spoon gives you that oddly satisfying feeling of having accomplished something the ‘old-fashioned’ way and of having worked out your arms. I may just start mixing my cookie batters with a big wooden spoon from now on (unless I’m super tired or am in the mood to exclaim ain’t nobody got time for that).

Chewy Chocolate Cookies

The cookie lives up to its name. It is chewy. It is chocolaty. It is a cookie.When you first bite into it, you get that slight crunch on the outside, but once it’s in your mouth…oh my goodness, it is SO soft. And then, you’re hit with this rich, chocolate flavor that’s intensified by the tiniest hint of espresso. And then, you’re floating away into chewy chocolate cookie heaven while reaching for the second…the third…the fourth…and the fifth cookie (yes, I ate five) before you even realize what’s happening.

One of my apartment-mates took these to her research lab the next day, and according to her, they were an instant hit – I hear there was some fighting involved. Her lab manager even asked for the recipe. Apparently, she asked for the the recipe again the following day, claiming that she could eat 6 of them right then!

So, here is the recipe! From Fannie Farmer to me to you, Ms. Lab Manager.

Chewy Chocolate Cookies Recipe Card


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